An app prototype created using Adobe XD for a non-profit organization, Canopy NWA. This app prototype seeks to solve the needs of the clients through their four different user groups: the staff, the co-sponsors, the volunteers and the Canopy clients.
- Process - 
CanopyNWA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization started by Northwest Arkansas residents who are working to create a place of refuge for people fleeing persecution due to race, membership in a particular social group, political opinion, religion, or national origin. We first started with the research phase which involved speaking with the staff members and also the refugee families.
To further understand the need of our target user groups, we created personas and surveys. From this process, we learned that people ARE willing to help - they are just uninformed on the opportunities available to them. We also learned that for the co-sponsor families, there is a prominent language barrier that makes communication a challenge between the families and a reliable translation service was desperately needed.
The last step before creating the final prototype was to create a paper prototype. We drew out every possible scenario we could think of on paper to help guide the final production. 
Below is a final version of the prototype for CanopyNWA. It is an interactive prototype, and I invite you to click through it and experience the prototype for yourself.
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