At J.B. Hunt, we believed that individual and professional growth is important to the success of the company. Hence, a mentorship program was dreamt up. The goal was to pair mentors and mentees within the company to help develop both technical skills and soft skills.
For this project, I was given more creative freedom with how the site would look. I wanted to create a more approachable and friendly site that would encourage those interested in the program to participate. I created icons and incorporated videos from our database into the site to further emphasize our goals for the program. I worked closely with a dev. team that worked hard at creating the back-end algorithm as well as coming up with the matching quiz and algorithm.
After gaining a product owner for the project and re-dreaming how the site would carry out the company's vision, we revisited the drawing board.
We wanted the mentorship site to be open to more than just to the Engineering and Technology teams. The site now features a dashboard that mentors are able to choose their mentees and control just how many mentees that they are paired with at any given moment. 
Mentees, however, are unable to choose their mentors but are, instead, notified when they are paired with a mentor.
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