The Digital Thinkers Conference is an event for Designers, Web Developers and Digital Dreamers. Every year, Awwwards holds conferences in different iconic cities all over the world, from Los Angeles, New York and London, to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris. The events unite the best agencies and thought leaders in the world of digital design. And hence, here is my design interpretation for the event. 
The idea behind this brand identity is entirely based on how screens and digital media work - the basic unit of programmable color on a computer display or in a computer image (or in simpler terms, pixels).
Typography & Shape
The typefaces used in this brand are (primarily) Larabiefont as the display typefac. It is also used as the primary wordmark for the brand. Azote Light is used for everything else (bodycopy etc.), while Rexlia Rg is used as an accent display typeface and 小塚ゴシック Pr6N is used for the Japanese characters in all  collateral pieces. The squares and rectangles, used to mimic the pixels of a screen, are derived from the counters of the wordmark.
Animated Wordmark
The wordmark is animated based on the same idea - where shapes (or pixels) are then formed into letterforms. Just like how actual words are created on screen!
This detail shot of the poster showcases the colors, shapes and use of typography within the poster. It is part of a larger broadside that is shown next.
The full poster is sized 22" x 17". It brings back the nostalgic feel of the DVD logo bouncing on the screen as the type fades in the background and floats across the broadside. The poster also utilizes shapes as pixels and the white space used gives an air of openness and a feel of the digital realm of 1's and 0's.
Name tags
As any conference goes, name tags are a must. Speakers get a dark purple name tag with a green lanyard while attendees/guests get green name tags with dark purple lanyards. The lanyard also features the use of a secondary mark and the continued use of the colored pixels.
Social Media
Social media is an important part of our digital presence in today's world. Hence, it is fitting for this conference to have their own social media presence. Social media posts utilize gifs to bring the pixels to life. From traditional 8-bit formats to the use of television screens, pixels play an important role in digital media. Social media posts also utilize a more static approach with images that continue the use of pixels and floating texts to convey motion.
Notebooks can be given out at the conference for the ease of note-taking at conference workshops. The notebook utilizes the secondary mark on the cover and also features a QR code that links you directly to the conference website, giving conference attendees the convenience of technology even while using a more traditional medium.
Billboards are a huge part of Tokyo's cityscape. A wrap-around billboard could be used to promote the event on a larger scale. To match the lit-up streets of Tokyo, a digital billboard could be paired with a more informational side to gain attraction to the event. 
Water Bottles
Water bottles can also be given out at the conference as a souvenir and could be sold at a later date after the conference. The water bottles display a simple design to keep the sophistication of the product and uses the secondary mark to keep the simplicity of the design.
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